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Pedestrian Barrier Gates (PG)


The Pedestrian Gate (PG) is a polyurethane and PVC, gravity-closing swing gate used for ground applications where people are to be separated from equipment and/or machinery. The lightweight warehouse gate provides safe access between segregated areas of operation. The Pedestrian Safety Gate is an easy-to-install passive gate for industrial and commercial settings. The Pedestrian Gate is designed for indoor use.

  • Gravity closing safety gate
  • Universal industrial safety gate hinge design
  • Adjustable swing gate from 30”–50”
  • Molded of UV-resistant polyurethane and PVC
  • Yellow gate in color for additional safety
  • Pedestrian Safety Gate Kit available for easy installation on all surfaces requiring safe access
  • Visual warning kit available to notify forklift operators of pedestrians

  • Safe & effective pedestrian access
  • Self-closing swing gate, hands free access
  • Maintenance free safety gate
  • Long service life polyurethane and PVC gate
  • Easy installation
  • Economical
  • Keep employees and forklift operators on alert with yellow safety gate color
  • Restrict access to an area
  • Safety gate does not require springs, cam, bearings, or the operator

Quantity PG-S PG-D
1-24 $95 $120
25-139 $92 $118
140+ $89 $116


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions N/A

PG-S (single), PG-D (double)