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1. Is your gate a drop bar design?

No, the gate opens in a horizontal swing direction.  When closed, it rests against the vertical guardrail post opposite the one to which the hinge is attached.

2. Is your gate spring loaded?

No, the gate relies solely on gravity to bring it closed.  Due to the angles built into the hinge, the gate rises as it is pushed open and when released, gravity returns it to the closed position.

3. How do you determine what size gate is needed?

Gates are available in four standard lengths or sizes — 22″, 27″, 32″, and 37″.
Measure the opening between the guardrails.  The gate size should be equal to or greater than the opening.  This will insure that when the gate is closed, it will contact the vertical post of the opposite guardrail.  Thus if the opening is 25″, a 27″ gate would be needed.

4. What does the block do?
  • The block provides a reliable and sure stop point should there ever be a vertical load placed on the gate.  This situation could occur if someone:
    (1) fell forward onto the gate, or
    (2) needed to grab the gate as they were climbing up the ladder.
  • The block should not touch the gate.  It should be mounted about 1″ below the gates top bar, when the gate is in the closed position.
5. Do I need to install the block?
  • Yes!  We have tested the gate at impact loads over 400 lbs. and static loads of about 500 lbs. We are confident that the Intrepid Safety Gate is quite strong.  However, it is still a cantilevered beam, and it can deflect.
  • When installed correctly, the block stops the gate after only a short deflection (about 1″).  Because this gives a positive and secure stop, it surely will provide a considerable “degree of confidence” to someone who is up on a platform 60 feet or so in the air.
6. Should the gate rest on the block?
  • Absolutely not!!  If the gate rests on the block, it may interfere with proper closing.
  • The block is meant to provide support only when there is a vertical load placed on the gate.  Being a cantilevered beam, it will deflect, but the block will make a sure point of contact before it deflects very far.  Please see the answers in the previous two questions.
7. When I order a gate, do I need to order a hinge and block, as well?

Not at all.  When you order a gate from Intrepid, the hinge, block, and all galvanized hardware are included as shown in our details.

8. How does the universal hinge design work?

The universal hinge allows for both right and left hand orientation without the need for two separate hinges, as did our previous SG & DG models.  You will get the opposite orientation just by flipping the hinge 180°.

9. Can the length of the gate be adjusted or trimmed?

Yes. Since the gate is molded of a solid material, it is very easy to saw off or trim the length to avoid obstructions.  However, you still must leave 2″-3″ of material to strike and extend past the opposite post.

10. Will the gate swing open a full 180°?
  • Since the hinge cannot attach directly to pipe or square tubing, we suggest one of our easy-to-install kits.
  • If you would prefer to weld or attach your own plate to the guardrail, as shown in several application pictures on our website, we suggest that you go up one size to accommodate the larger opening.
11. How high does the gate swing?

Because of its gravity-closing action, the gate travels outward as well as slightly upward.  When the UDG-37 is in its full open position of 112°, the gate will rise as much as 14″ above its closed position.

12. What if I have pipe or square tube guardrail?
  • Since the hinge cannot attach directly to pipe or square tubing, we suggest one of our easy-to-install kits.
  • If you would prefer to weld or attach your own plate to the guardrail, as shown in several application pictures on our website, we suggest that you go up one size to accommodate the larger opening.
13. Is there any way to keep the gate closed and prevent it from blowing open?

Yes.  We offer a HoldTight Magnet Closure Kit for securing the gate and keeping it from being blown open.

14. How large an opening will the gates cover?

The longest gate that we currently make will cover an opening up to 37″.  If you have pipe or square tube guardrail and do not use one of our kits, then you may only be able to span an opening of 32″ (See #12).  The gate can be ordered in four standard sizes — 22″, 27″, 32″, and 37″.

15. Can the gate be used at the top of a mezzanine or storage platform?

No, not really.  This question usually comes from someone who needs a barrier at the mezzanine/storage area opening through which they can load palletized product.  There are a number of other manufacturers who produce these types of moveable barriers.  You can find them by searching for “mezzanine gates.”

16. You designate the gate as 22″, 27″, 32″, and 37″, but I can’t find that measurement. Why?

The gates are designed in this fashion to indicate the maximum opening that they will cover.  The actual length of the gate measures somewhat more than these designations.  The length of the gate must include the maximum opening plus the extra 2″-3″ of overlap on the opposite vertical post.

17. Can the gates be painted?

Yes, although the safety yellow color is normally acceptable for most purposes.  The color is molded throughout the parts, so they should never need painting.  However, if desired, the gate surfaces can be wiped clean and painted.

18. How does ultraviolet (UV) light affect the safety gates?

The only effect on the polyurethane material will be some surface discoloration to an amber shade.  Aside from the surface effect, the rest of the material does not lose any of its original strength or material properties when exposed to UV light.


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