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1. What is the difference between the T5-J and the T5-L?

The T5-J comes with J-bolt hardware.  The T5-J will not work on I-beam or T-bar grating.  The T5-L comes with L-bolt hardware.  The T5-L will not work on grating with square opening.  They both will work on all additional types of grating not mentioned above.

2. What T5 do I need to order?

This will depend on the surface you are using it on.  The T5-J will work on almost all grating that has vertical flat bars, either with square holes or rectangular openings.  If you have I-bar or T-bar grating, you will need to use the T5-L.  If you want to use them on solid flooring, such as concrete or deck plate, you may have to replace the hardware with anchors or threaded fasteners.

3. Do I have to use the supplied hardware?

Not necessarily, assuming you have adequate beam support for the walkway grating.

4. Can these be used on solid flooring like checkered plate or concrete?

Yes, but you may want to use threaded anchors in place of the J-bolts or L-bolts.

5. How many T5s are needed to encircle penetrations?

To help you in estimating and ordering, please refer to the table below.

6. Do I need to use scaffolding?

No, not at all.  The links are designed to allow top-side installation.  Follow the directions and simply drop the J-bolts (L-bolts) down through the grating openings.

7. Can the links be painted?

Yes, although the safety yellow color is normally acceptable for most purposes.  The color is molded throughout the parts, so they should never need painting.  However, if desired, the collar surfaces can be wiped clean and painted.

8. How does ultraviolet (UV) light effect the links?

The only effect on the polyurethane material will be some surface discoloration to an amber shade.  Aside from this surface effect, the rest of the material does not lose any of its original strength or material properties when exposed to UV light.

9. What is the maximum thickness of grating I can use?
  • The maximum thickness of grating that can be “sandwiched” between the T5 and the J-bolt or L-bolt is 1 3/4″.
  • If thicker grating is used, you will need to replace the standard hardware.
10. Can I use these for multiple pipe penetrations?

Yes!  The T5 pieces can be combined to encircle just about anything (See answer to FAQ #5).

11. How many T5’s do I need to replace the previous GPC pieces?
# of GPC # of T5’s
GPC-6 1 Pair 6
GPC-10 1 Pair 8
GPC-14 1 Pair 10
GPC-X 1 Pair 2
GPC-L 1 Piece 2
12. Will the T5’s work with the previous GPC’s?

No, the T5 will not work with our previous GPC pieces.

13. Can I rest riser clamps on them? How heavy a load?

Yes, the polyurethane material from which the links are molded is capable of supporting a load of over 2000 pounds in this fashion.