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Discontinuation of SG Gates

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As of March 2013, Intrepid Industries discontinued the SG model gate from it’s line.

SG-22 (Left-Hand)
Single Bar Safety Gate (SG-22L)

In 1980, a chemical company requested that we make a safety gate using their metal model. At that time, industry protected ladderway openings with chains, vertical drop bars, and horizontal swing bars. In the 30 years that have followed, most companies have switched from these devices to those that cover more of the ladderway opening, similar to our “DG” safety gate. Thus, our sales have shifted to the “DG” model, and the “SG” market has diminished.

Over the past several years, we have been developing robotic automation to mold our safety gate products. Currently, our DG’s, hinges, and support blocks are being molded in this manner. The additional costs to produce an automated process for molding the “SG” model are significant, and are not justified based on the diminishing market. Therefore, we will stop producing and selling the “SG” model safety gate. We hope that you will consider using our “DG” safety gate for all your ladderway openings.


Erich E. Bredl