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Discontinuation of GPCs

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As of September 2014, Intrepid Industries discontinued the Grating Penetration Collars (GPC) from it’s line.

Grating Penetration Collar (GPC)


Grating Penetration Collars (GPCs) were such a huge success that we were unable to keep up with the demand for them.  For a product that is used mostly at the end of a job, they were always needed ASAP.  We had to seek a solution to this back order problem.  Unfortunately, this product is a manually molded part and does not allow for easy automation.  Therefore, we just are not able to meet the demand and keep them at an affordable price.

In developing a solution to this problem, we developed the new and improved Toeboard Link (T5).  Below list the T5s similarities and superiority to the GPC.

T5 Similarities To The GPC

     – Made of the same, strong Instant Set Polymer (ISP) material
– Provides a 4″ toeboard
– Excellent outdoor weatherability
– Easy installation from the topside
– Maintenance Free

T5 Superior To The GPC

     – A standardized link that offers greater flexibility
– Fits small, large, and irregular shaped holes
– Easier to install J-Bolt option
– One part to order, instead of five different ones
– Quicker availability
– More affordable

For more information about our Toeboard Links (T5), please click HERE.