Hook/Handi Klip® System

The system provides an easy way in office spaces to elevate and keep cords and cables from being tripping hazards.

Both Hook and Handi Klip® are all plastic construction and are available in bright yellow providing visibility and safety.  They will not ding, pinch, cut, or damage ceiling grid or cords and cables.

The two halves of the Handi Klip® swivel and are designed to have a breakaway load of 50 lbs.  While the 9″ and 12″ hooks can provide extra capacity, the load limit will still be fixed at 50 lbs by the Handi Klip®

Attach large end of
Handi Klip® to main
line of ceiling T-grid

Insert Safety Hook
into smaller end
of Handi Klip®

Place cords/cables
into end of hook

Use hole in hook
to secure with
zip tie, if needed